Thinkflo is an expert team of web developers helping design agencies build websites for desktop and mobile.

We are a Canadian-born and German-operated development studio, focused on the latest tools, techniques, and technologies for the modern web.

Founded in 2003 in Toronto, Canada, Thinkflo expanded to Berlin in 2012 and is presently headquartered in Giessen, Germany; a beautiful university town nestled along the Lahn river, known for it's world-class output of top technical graduates.


H&R Block

Client: Sid Lee and Pixelpusher

Business Problem: The H&R Block Canada website was unable to handle the 7 million+ pageviews per month during the height of the Canadian tax season. And site outages during their most profitable time of year was not an option. Also, the existing codebase was organically-grown over many years which became fragile and difficult to maintain while also exhibiting significant performance issues. With an average page load of over 10 seconds when under high load.

Solution: Move away from the server-rendered PHP stack and build it from the ground up using a modern Jamstack model, with a reactive component-based UI system along with the PRPL pattern. Prerender the site as a statically-generated site and served on Enterprise-level Edge CDN.

Result: Delivered a highly-performant web site with an intuitive CMS, which measures a 10,000%+ increase in performance and 410%+ increase in Lighthouse rating, while handling tens of millions of page views with ease. hrblock.ca now loads in sub-second load times to millions of concurrent users.

Additional Projects

  • Coca-Cola #depcoke
  • BMW - Dream BWM X1
  • Orderbird


We are performance freaks. Our work strictly follows the PRPL Pattern and delivered to be in the upper 90% Lighthouse score percentile.

The old way of the web is not sustainable. The days of spinning up virtual servers to serve websites is old hat. Those tiny virtual servers cannot keep up; to the endless attacks; the mushrooming load on processing; the continuious security issues. All requiring on-going maintainance that makes your TCO sky-rocket endlessly.

There's a better way. A modern way. Jamstack.


We are happy to hear from you. We welcome inquiries from organizations of all sizes and categories. We've done work for sectors including Governmental, Educational, Non-Profits and even local ma-and-pa restaurants. Let us know what web projects you need expert help with.

Send us an email at hello (at) thinkflo dot com.


Front-end developer (early career)

Gie├čen, Germany and Remote - Full and Part time

We are looking for early career front-end developers who are interested in learning some of the latest tools and techniques in building the modern web. As a member of our web development team, you can expect to work on a variety of digital projects both big and small.


Required Skills

  • Proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • A strong work ethic and willingness to learn
  • Attention to detail
  • Good critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to set goals and meet deadlines
  • Familiarity with a web-based workflow, web developer tools and git version control

Skills you will learn with us

  • Jamstack, GraphQL
  • Component-based development
  • Utility Classes
  • PRPL Pattern

Email us your resume at hello at thinkflo dot com